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Our focus is on you experiencing your adventure, from the drivers seat of your vehicle or motorcycle. We provide you with the personal assistance of your adventure from the moment you arrive to the time that you leave.

We place a lot of emphasis on the itinerary, to ensure it suits an individual or group. The duration of each package is solely dependent on you, your capabilities and restrictions, the weather and the season. However, we will assist with information whenever we can.

For the adventure package tailor made for you, look at our list of possibilities and click the links below and let us know what you would like to do. We’re here to help.

Drakensberg Caves

Drakensberg Caves

Bushman paintings, sleeping in a cave or sightseeing…the choice is yours.



A variety of scenic and adrenalin pumping air activities are available:

1. Hot Air Ballooning, 2. Helicopters, 3. Microlight aircraft, 4. Tandem / Solo Sky-diving, 5. Paragliding.



Enjoy a variety of activities:

1. Vulture Hide Tours, 2. Horse trails, 3. Birding, 4. Game Viewing, 5. Hiking, 6. Rope Jumping, 7. 4×4 Outings and Expeditions, 8. Dualsport Outrides and Adventures, 9. Mountain Biking, 10. Hunting (professional with firearms), 11. Hunting (professional with crossbow), 12. Hunting (professional with full bow), 13. Hunting (professional with camera), 14. Game Lodge Safari’s.

Else you may just prefer a laid back sight-seeing tour.



Splash or Dive:

1. Scuba-Diving, 2. Snorkeling, 3. Paddle-boarding, 4. Sea Kayaking, 
5. Sailing (yachting), 6. Surfing, 7. Kite-Surfing, 8. Wake boarding, 9. Water-skiing, 10. White-water river rafting, 11. Rock & Surf Fishing, 12. Shark Cage Diving, 13. Deep Sea Fishing.



For your vertical endeavors:

1. Rock Climbing, 2. Ice Climbing, 3. Mountaineering, 4. Highland Horse trails, 5. 4×4 Mountain Passes, 6. Abseiling a 200m waterfall, 7. Adventure Motorcycle Outrides and Tours, 8. Rustic Mountain Escapes, 9. Mountain Bike Getaways, 10. Back-Country Flyfishing, 11. Hiking.




Andrew has a passion for adventure. Having an outdoor life in South Africa since childhood, Andrew is an offroad motorcycle and 4×4 enthusiast, game conservationist, hiker, climber and whitewater river guide having guided on many rivers in Southern Africa.

As the Owner / Operator of ADVTrails and Tours, Andrew extends his range of adventure offerings to 4×4 overland expeditions and adventure trails, adventure bike trails and tours, scenic getaways, mountain biking and more.

Andrew’s hands-on approach ensures that all your adventures will be given the highest level of attention.

Outpost Trading

The “go-to” resource in the making; for all your gear, tech, self reliance and survival accessories and guides, for anyone living south of the Sahara. Our goal is to provide you with options regarding to the well-being and safe-keeping of yourself and your loved-ones during challenging times.
The type of gear that we use and recommend. Gear that fits the adventure, and could save your life. Gear that could help you save someone else’s life and endure serious abuse outdoors.
The type of tech that complements your adventure, from drones for adventure filming and surveillance to GPS units for x-country trekking and more. If there is something we don’t have, let us know so that we can complete your plan.
Self Reliance
Self–reliance is the ability to do things and make decisions by yourself, without needing other people to help you. Our ancestors learned self–reliance because they had to in order to survive. 
A Google search of the term “self-reliance” returns this description on Wikipedia; “Self-Reliance is an essay written by American transcendentalist philosopher and essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson.” It contains the most thorough statement of one of Emerson’s recurrent themes: the need for each individual to avoid conformity and false consistency, and follow their own instincts and ideas. It is the source of one of Emerson’s most famous quotations: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.. Self-reliance is based on the fundamental belief that you can, and should, change and control your circumstances.
In this modern age of technology, business and social dynamics, one may find it almost impossible to be completely self reliant. I’m consistently striving for this, but also know that in this current world, there are a few things that will prevent one from been completely self reliant, such as this one niggling example: trading for essentials. Depending on your location, trading may be an accepted form of exchange, but cash currency is normally the preferred method, thereby one is dependent on this system.
The onus is on you, to try become self reliant, because when the time comes and the power grids fail or the weather affects global crop growth etc., at least you will be prepared to continue an above average lifestyle, without the panic and stress of not knowing where to get vital supplies.
To be self reliant and to survive…we’re not just talking short term, but also medium to long-term…regarding healthy supplementation, hunting and subsistence farming, guides on water collection, geothermal heating and more.

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A single day outride on dualsport motorcycles.

A beautiful day alongside Durban’s North Pier.

Exhilirating white water rafting.


Hi Andrew

Thanks for the 4×4 adventure we did through the Hela Hela Valley to uMzimkulu River Lodge. Scouting for more 4×4 tracks around the old Coleford Nature Reserve was really exciting, many forests, rocky river crossings and fallen trees to get through and around.

It was really special to view the Coleford Reserve from the top of the ridge.

Your Series 1 Landy is a machine, good to see it been used the right way.

To another adventure, cheers!

Jeff Sandwith

Jeff Sandwith

Hi Andrew

Thanks for the 4×4 outing you organized through the iNanda Valley. It was really special to view the dam from the lookout point on the opposite side of the dam with some of my clients.

Our lunch spot at the slip and slide was also great. The best part was at the end of the day, tackling those river crossings up the valley towards the back of Inchanga.

I look forward to another adventure with you soon, thanks.

Jeff Sandwith

Jeff Sandwith

Dear Andrew,

Wow, what a weekend. I was so scared riding through the snow and mud with my hubby, but it was such a great experience.

Those bikes are unbelievable.

I hope we can one day book another awesome weekend with you. You are very patient and an excellent organizer.

Kind Regards

Natasha Green

Hi Andrew,

I am writing to compliment you on the excellent dual-sport adventure ride you planned for us. I will definitely recommend your trips to other riders I know, especially some friends from Joburg.

What an awesome ride we did through the Byrne Valley, through the snow drifts at Bulwer and onto Himeville.

Thanks for your help with my rear wheel puncture and electrics shorting out. Your experience is truly commendable.

Once again, well planned, just like the abseiling day we had at Monteseel.Cheers, till next time.


Hi Andrew,

Another trip with you, well planned and you did a great job as always.

Royal Natal National Park hiking trip was awesome !!

I am writing to compliment you on the excellent camping arrangements and helping setup camp and your cooking was delicious.

Then guiding us up the mountain was a great experience. Also arranging a great lunch high up in the mountains, all I can say is great!!!

What an awesome ride up Sani on the Lesotho outing, lunch at the highest pub was great!!

The Karkloof ride was adrenaline pumping, what a ride. Thanks for the arrangements, we really enjoyed it.

My next trip will definitely be orginized by you. You are very patient and an excellent organizer.

Once again, well planned and talk to you soon.

David & Colleen

David & Colleen

Hi Andrew,

Hey, what a trip, Lesotho is tops!!!

All the guys are stoked, especially with riding Sani and over Black Mountain.

Neil from Joburg is a real hooligan, but well done on keeping the group together and satisfied. Everyone was absolutely knackered when we got back to Rosetta.


Marcy Pugin

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the dualsport ride you organized through the Valley of 1000 Hills. It was something I have always wanted to do on my trusty XT600.

I really enjoyed the ride through Wartburg, past Albert Falls to our lunch stop at the Bierfassl. I look forward to going on another adventure with you soon, thanks.

Craig Eshmade

Craig Eshmade

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